Fili Wiese #SEOisAEO BrightonSEO

Fili Wiese with Jason Barnard at BrightonSEO April 2019

Fili Wiese talks with Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy) about Google penalties.

Second episode with Fili Wiese. First point – manual penalties are real, but algorithmic penalties do not, just a change in the calculations. An algorithmic updates are not like cars with slashed tyres, they are like navigation systems (or something like that). If you lose rankings after an update, you need to look at your SEO, especially on-page. Onto manual penalties. Link building, doorway pages, structured data penalties (that are more and more frequently) etc. He tells some entertaining (and surprising) stories about some of the reconsideration requests he has read. My best advice is ‘don’t do a shouty thing’. Fili gives some more helpful advice. I am very impressed by the word egregiousness. Google does not hold grudges. In fact, very much the opposite. Fili explains the procedure for a manual penalty – a Googler builds a case, a bit like in the courts and present that to get a judgement. They apply benefit of the doubt, just like in the courts. But getting rid of a penalty is NOT like parole. A bit of philosophy about why it is logical that everything in SEO is ‘it depends’.

Helpful Resources About Google Penalties

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