Nils de Moor #SEOisAEO BrightonSEO

Nils de Moor with Jason Barnard at BrightonSEO April 2019

Nils de Moor talks with Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy) about SEO on the edge.

Why not use Content Delivery Networks to manage some of our tech SEO? And not just the simple static stuff. CDN nodes allow us to intercept the request and adapt the content on the Edge without even going back to the original host. Several use cases: speed, overcoming restrictions of your host platform, A/B testing. Most importantly, it frees the SEO practitioner from some of the shackles that the tech imposes, which is brill. But not without its dangers… it is easy for an SEO changing content on the Edge to mess up big time, so demarcation and chain of commands are vital. And for anyone who knows ‘the Google Tag Manager’ trick of changing HTML on the fly, please note that this is more reliable, better performing, faster, has more use cases… And it gets better and better as the conversation progresses. Getting access logs from the host ever been difficult? You can get them at the CDN level. The Edge can become a powerful, simple and fast routing system. Nils gives us a glimpse of how. By the end of the conversation, Edge SEO has become my new favourite thing.

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