Chris Liversidge #SEOisAEO TakeitOffline Brighton

Chris Liversidge with Jason Barnard at TakeItOffline Brighton 2019

Chris Liversidge talks with Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy) about the 14K trick–ultra optimising for mobile-first.

Chris explains about the size of the first chunk of data on 3G and that leads Chris and I invent and perfect what we call ‘the mobile gold standard for speed – 14K trick’, and it takes us less than 20 minutes 🙂 Like it was back in the 90s. And that is an advantage for me and Chris over the youngsters who were probably playing on my website back then. Like Bill Slawski is the patent reader, Gennaro Cuofano is the ‘financial statements reader’, Chris Liversidge is the ‘Google documentation reader’. In terms of speed, AMP is something you do when you give up. AMP is a crutch – the gold standard is PWA with the 14K trick. The Big Daddy update and the Mobile First update are good examples of Google giving sites a fair warning to give them time to adapt. But they often don’t. I ask why we can’t have Flash back? Chris is cruel to be kind and tells me we can’t.

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