Patrick Reinhart #SEOisAEO BrightonSEO

Patrick Reinhart with Jason Barnard at BrightonSEO April 2019

Patrick Reinhart talks with Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy) about where is the war on new hardware technologies lies.

The first guest who is more overexcited and enthusiastic than I am. You can almost hear his arms waving. Very fun conversation, and Patrick Reinhart is super-smart.

The importance of Amazon Alexa is overestimated. There are so many devices that we will soon be talking to. All fun for us, but it is still too early to make it the focus of our strategy. Patrick sees a world where we no longer actively search as assistant devices like fridges, stoves, Bose glasses, necklaces, contact lenses become so much part of our environment that search and discovery are delivered to us as part of our everyday interactions. To get the biggest slice of this cake, Google is acquiring access through partnerships with Samsung et al. Google needs the manufacturers more than the manufacturers need Google and so it pays them, not the other way around, which surprised me.

But Amazon are going to give Google a run for their money if only because of generational bias. We are soooo Google, but the youth of today are more Amazon. 

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