David Bain #SEOisAEO DigitalEliteDay

David Bain with Jason Barnard at Digital Elite Day 2019

David Bain talks with Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy) about the 5 steps of podcasting.

We kick off with a singing duet. David Bain then suggests that I am not so good at preliminaries. We then quickly get onto the five steps. Step 1 is prerecorded audio – make sure that is really good or you will hit problems later on. He gives some great tips on recording sound and getting the audio to sound great. I go off topic by jamming ‘All about the Bass’, then we get sidetracked by iPhone theft and motorbikes falling on us before getting back on track (which is a very appropriate turn of phrase). Step 2 is live audio and David Bain gives practical tips about how to prepare, editing and what is annoying for listeners tuts, for example. Step 3 is using as-live video. He gives super tips and tricks, and we have fun describing what we are doing for people who are just listening to the audio and cannot see what we are doing. Step 4 is live video – by this time, you can really concentrate on getting the live-chatting part right since you will have mastered the audio and getting the video right. He talks about platforms he uses – Vmix, Google Hangouts, LinkedIn, Periscope, Facebook, Blab.im. Step 5 is a live event such as David’s rather ambitious 120-guest 5-day live digital marketing marathon on Facebook. We end up agreeing with Mark Askwith that Digital Marketing is just marketing now. BIG thank you to Monte for being videographer. 

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