Joshua Hardwick #SEOisAEO DigitalOlympus

Joshua Hardwick with Jason Barnard at Digital Olympus 2019

Joshua Hardwick talks with Jason Barnard (The Brand SER Guy) about link building and outreach.

Starts by gamely answering a question about Javascript. Then suggests how we can get guest blogging opportunities (starting in Bali, of all places!). Network a lot (in real life, not just online), be honest, be frank, be yourself… then once you get the guestblogging flywheel going, you’ll be all set. But, despite networking in person and trying too hard to be way too charming, I completely fail to get a link from Joshua… there is a lesson there somewhere (if only I can find it). Are mentions worth chasing without links? Not if you want to rank for anything worthwhile, it seems. Hrefs did a study last year – almost a billion pages – and found a straight correlation between links and ranking. Joshua hopes to rerun the study to see if that correlation is less strong a year on. I end with a very stupid question : what is your favourite topic for blog posting.

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