Gianluca Fiorelli #SEOisAEO DigitalOlympus

Gianluca Fiorelli with Jason Barnard at Digital Olympus 2019

Gianluca Fiorelli talks with Jason Barnard about international digital marketing.

Gianluca gives me my first sing back. Building an international digital marketing strategy starts with understanding your own business. We are not so much doing digital marketing, more marketing in a digital world. Prioritise your territories, then expand your international step by step (territory by territory). Think multi-country, multi-lingual and multi-cultural. Different cultures will often need different content, not just translations. Think about which tourist destinations are popular in Italy vs Spain vs UK, and therefore those that will give the best traction – different for each. Think localisation of a global brand or product, not simply globalisation. It is phenomenally important to take into consideration applicable laws and regulations – Schengen is a great example of this. We get overexcited about href lang in Spanish countries, French countries and Switzerland, and I end up deciding to take my automobile to Paris for some reason.

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