Peter Mead #SEOisAEO searchsummitau

Peter Mead with Jason Barnard at Search Marketing Summit 2019

Peter Mead talks with Jason Barnard about WordPress SEO and the new age of Gutenberg.

We start with the Sound of Music, move onto the wonderful, sharing SEO community and supportive companies such as Yoast and SEMrush. Peter Mead is a fan of Yoast, and Yoost. Expert is a misnomer – its more about depth of knowledge and experience… with (perhaps) a little magic. Peter then makes an analogy with art, and we get onto the simplicity of Picasso. In the competition between Yoast and WordPressSEO, Yoast wins hands down for Peter. More functionalities, easier, new (rather exciting) Schema markup. We get onto the treachery of updating plugins, PHP and the WordPress core. WPengine makes all that easier and safer. Peter has three rules: install Yoast, get onto WPengine and get onto Cloudflare. We get in a bit of philosophy with Sun Tzu and Monty Python. Then back to Google’s investment in WordPress and fun with Gutenberg for the final furlong. 

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