Eugene Levin #SEOisAEO SEMrushLIVE19

Eugene Levin with Jason Barnard at SEMrush live Prague 2019

Eugene Levin talks with Jason Barnard about Amazon as a (rather good) marketing channel.

Really great conversation about how often we underestimate Amazon as a marketing / advertising channel. Amazons business model is diverse and better balanced than Facebook and Google. Amazon are sales focussed which makes it a big opportunity for sales and there is still time to jump on the train. In that he and Dan Saunders appear to agree. Eugene gives me tips on buying razors, then segues neatly into fake reviews on Amazon and Google. SEMrush are now offering Amazon tools alongside their more ‘traditional’ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools. I try to convince him that selling SaaS products through Amazon could be an option. It could, but isn’t (yet!). Amazon is likely to displace Google for product searches. Aven relationships with Target et al won’t save Google there because Amazon is a crowd-driven marketplace (brilliant strategy, apparently 🙂

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