Stewart Rogers #SEOisAEO SEMrushLIVE19

Stewart Rogers with Jason Barnard at SEMrush Live Prague 2019

Stewart Rogers talks with Jason Barnard about image search versus voice search.

Stewart starts by stealing my job as host. He quickly gets back on track as the guest. And proceeds to look at why we should be taking image search more seriously. Where and when voice is not appropriate. That voice search will lose out to image search. Clue: images are good for public use, voice for private. I shamefully get Lukasz’s name wrong by calling him Kaspar. Use Google lens to translate a menu or to find out what cocktail your neighbour is drinking or a live band we should go and see. Marketers should be flooding the web with images. This is all very convincing, especially as Gary Illyes says that image search is his new favourite thing. Then look at what Pinterest, Facebook and Microsoft are doing. He goes on to talk about the ‘generation timeframe’ for new technology’ and the fact that image search have a big head start on voice search. WeChat gets a special mention. And Squirrels. And my Grandma. And Fridges. Cellphones are the driver in image search and image as part of the user experience – we have been using them to take photos for 15 years and there will soon be 4 billion cell phones in use… all taking photos and pushing them onto the web. Images are here and now, voice is tomorrow. The ending song is a stunning fail.

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