Anton Shulke #SEOisAEO SEMrushLIVE19

Anton Shulke with Jason Barnard at SEMrush Live Prague 2019

Anton Shulke talks with Jason Barnard about using webinars for marketing, specifically influencer marketing.

I start singing lower than ever before (you can almost hear the hangover in my voice). Anton Shulke then tells me ‘you could do the song better’ (which I could). He also tells me he worked more than he drunk at SEMrushLive. I didn’t. He tells me how he got where he is today. Then onto webinars… first off, ask yourself why you are doing it. Just because you can? Or you have a good reason? Jo Pulitzer suggests not trying to sell anything. Building your audience in three stages : people get used to you, then build that to trust (by giving value), then you to loyalty. That loyalty and trust is then extended to your brand. Brilliant. And always remember that people are investing their time in your webinar. At the end, they need to feel that invested their time wisely. We often forget that conversation has a value… and he agrees that if it doesn’t, my podcast is dead 😉 We then get onto 70% of the quality of the answer is in the question. Then back to webinars. Sexy titles and descriptions are vital – often more important than faces. And SEO is not your principal question for the announcement landing page. Make it for people, and reach out to them. Then I get over-analytical about entities, so-occurrence, relatedness, semantic triples… And Anton brings me back to earth very politely. What is his point of view on volume vs quality? We end with the part about influencer marketing – Anton doesn’t know a better tool for influencer marketing. I suggest podcasts. Guess what he replies. Then he quotes President Kennedy at me to make his point. Finally, Anton gives me a lesson in business (which I need). It isn’t rocket science (and yet I didn’t spot the trick).

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