Joel Bondorowsky #SEOisAEO semrushTelAviv

Joel Bondorowsky with Jason Barnard at SEMrush Meetup Tel Aviv 2019

Joel Bondorowsky talks with Jason Barnard about attention deficit disorder and PPC.

On the beach in Tel Aviv, Joel Bondorowsky tells me he has Ukrainian roots. Joel has attention deficit disorder, meaning he has trouble achieving long term goals… unless under pressure, or the goals are incredibly short term task-driven or when it is fun. PPC is all three! He was unemployable, but PPC at changed that. Learning PPC is easy – just 3 days if you read fast enough – so it is a great career for someone who could have been a lawyer but couldn’t remember swathes of detailed information. I suggest PPC is simply functionality and common sense. Joel adds that I had forgotten to mention experience, which is vital. We agree that our jobs are like playing a game. PPC is a game that has fairly simple rules, and is fun to play (if you like that kind of thing, and Joel does :). Lastly, onto gamification and the similarities and differences between gambling and PPC. Professional slot machine players, Google Analytics and the one armed bandit technique, which is brill.

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