Cindy Krum #SEOisAEO SeoCamp

Cindy Krum with Jason Barnard at SEOcamp Paris 2019

Cindy Krum talks with Jason Barnard about what fraggles means for mobile-first indexing.

I learn what Cindy is bitter about, but fail to get her to reveal her age. She also says that mobile indexing meant Google moved from indexing URLs to indexing Fraggles (chunks). And I agree! Being expert in ASO gives you a big advantage in optimising for Fraggles. Lovely discussion about being an old SEO expert as an advantage (luckily for me), the indexing API, Cindy says quite a few words in French, and introduces a new theory about AMP that means there are reasons other than speed to develop AMP version of your site. I call Cindy a genius 🙂 Then she has a bit of a quite delightful rant about Google. Oh, and if you are publisher, Google is trying to put you out of business. Last of all… new version of the outro song – so you HAVE to listen all the way through 🙂

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