Loren Baker #SEOisAEO ungaggedUSA

Loren Baker with Jason Barnard at Ungagged Los Angeles

Loren Baker talks with Jason Barnard about the tricks available for content and links used by search engine journal.

We start with the ‘soy sauce secret of sumptuous speech’. When you produce a piece of content, create it for everyone. Some people learn visually, some auditively, some through reading. So one piece of content should be video, audio and text. Make a video, create an audio file and a transcript. And probably a good idea to adapt the transcript to be readable (as opposed to speakable). SEJ make an effort to format for Google with lists and QA etc etc. We get onto baseball and cricket – watching TV but listening to the radio. Then onto repurposing content across media (but the site is always the hub). Loren Baker shares a neat trick to segment your email audience by learning-type. Then onto cartoons – Loren is Wreck it Ralph. ANd guess what film Loren describes as ‘Goodfellas and Ralph Breaks the Internet Combined’. AT the end, I have left the short (and fun) UnGagged interview.

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