Dejan Mladenovski with Jason Barnard Digital Marketers Australia

Dejan Mladenovski with Jason Barnard at DMA Melbourne

Dejan Mladenovski talks to Jason Barnard about affiliate marketing…. with a white hat on. Lovely conversation that gets me (back) on board with affiliate marketing.

For his current project Dejan never even thought about using a PBN network, nor bought a link… he got hit by Penguin back in the day and he knows how much that hurts.

He’s found a great niche – he creates an independent overview of the construction permit situation in Sydney. He creates quality, content that is truly helpful to his audience, ranks #1, attracts 25,000 visits a month and gets revenue from affiliate sales of products and services that are useful.

And apparently he has only 10% of the market in a niche market in just one city in Australia… the opportunity just in Sydney is enormous. Thinks about that across Australia, then the world… makes my eyes water 🙂

Quite surprisingly, we end talking about relationships, communities, and offline when doing online marketing (affiliate or not).

if you want to rank #1 on Google ask yourself “would someone recommend you”…. because that is essentially what Google is doing – recommending you to it’s clients. Brilliant.

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