Google is Your New Homepage (Greg Gifford with Jason Barnard)

Greg Gifford with Jason Barnard at SMX West

Greg starts by singing the song back to me. Then we discuss his world-famous slide decks. Then onto Google is your new Homepage.

Thanks to Google my Business, in local this has been the case for years – Mike Blumenthal said it is 2017. People searching your brand name in a near me / local context will probably not visit your site. So that Brand SERP is the first and the last impression they get before engaging with you. When was the last time you visited a restaurant website after searching their name? Do you need a website any more? Greg gives a quick rundown of the top tips for GMB… and since in local users will rarely visit your site, it effectively becomes your site.

Then onto video – wich is now a necessity for your digital strategy, rather than luxury. And it can be low cost without looking cheap. Greg gives some amazing tips for making great videos. And, of course, those videos can rank on your Brand SERP. Aleyda Solis using Wistia, and Greg agrees. Both suggest adding it to YouTube too. Greg goes as far as to also adds it to Facebook and LinkedIn to reach the biggest possible audience. It’s all about exposure…

Then onto a more general discussion about digital marketing has come full circle and we are now back to marketing… and that maybe marketers can now approach digital marketing more confidently since it is simply one more piece of their marketing pie, and now a separate ‘thing’.

Lastly, Brand SERPs – what appears when someone searches your brand name – you can and should, control that experience.

What You’ll learn

0:26 Greg’s original movie-themed talks
1:30 Google is your new homepage and the importance of your GMB listing
3:00 Are you losing customers or conversions with zero-click search?
3:30 How to optimize your GMB
5:24 Is video content production really expensive?
6:35 Is video content creation only reserved for those naturally engaging and good on camera?
7:40 The importance of video boxes on your Brand SERP, and platforms like Wistia and Youtube for better metrics
8:36 Greg’s video upload strategy designed to reach multiple audiences
10:32 Digital Marketing has come full circle as the old school methods become relevant again
12:08 How to deal with a bad review to your business showing up on your Brand SERP
14:27 The correct approach on how to control people’s experience when they search for your brand

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