Mary Davies with Jason Barnard at SMX West

Mary Davies with Jason Barnard at SMX West

Mary Davies talks to Jason Barnard about user experience.

UX is all around us and it’s part of everything we do from walking up the stairs to opening a car door.Figure out what makes your life hard and don’t reproduce them for your clients. Mary has a notebook and writes down everything that gets in the way of a good User Experience for here, wherever she is and whatever she’s doing. We quickly go semi-off-topic and start talking about emails… and not using the dot dot dot. Oops !

Then back on topic, and we decide that everything a Brand does is a part of their user’s experience with them. I think it’s kind of like reputation management but more positive. Don’t tell your clients what you can give them. They want to know if you have what they are looking for. That’s most of my marketing I need to look at again, then.

Less in more. Keep it simple. Every piece of content should provide a solution. And wrap that solution in great UX. Brilliantly succinct, simple and helpful. Perfect UX, by Mary Davies.

The simplest thing you can do is to look at everything the way that you experience it yourself on an average day.

Mary Davies

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