Mordy Oberstein with Jason Barnard SMX West

Mordy Oberstein with Jason Barnard at SMX West

Mordy Oberstain talks with Jason Barnard on when marketing and SEO collide.

Mordy starts off by getting on my good side by telling me I have the best pipes in SEO… what a charmer.

Mordy talks about why Google updates should matter to all marketers – that Google is getting closer and closer to reflecting your market, so playing the SEO game is just playing the marketing game through Google. His advice: do what you do, address your audience and Google will figure it out. Google is trying to think like a person – looking at tone and format, so it is all coming together. Understanding tone backhandedly is an interesting concept… and a lovely put down of the trick of using 5 tips to… 10 ways to… which are pretty annoying and not good for authority. Brilliant !

If you want to know how Mordy gets this sentence into a conversation (and it sounds logical) “are you sick or do you want to buy car insurance?” you’ll have to listen to the whole episode.

You don’t need to try to explicitly please the machine any more because the machine is like a person.

We end with some philosophy around football, medical, Terminator and how we are all equally related to Kevin Bacon.

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