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Erin Sparks talks with Jason Barnard about marketing agencies must become media producers.

Erin Sparks is the founder and president of Site Strategics, a premier digital marketing agency, and also the creative force behind The Edge of the Web Podcast, a popular digital marketing show featuring interviews with recognized thought leaders in marketing and technology.

The delightful Erin starts by taking us on a tour of the grooviest podcast studio in the whole wide world ever! From here he produces his podcast which is one of the longest-running, and one of the top-ranking SEO podcasts in the world. Its mission is threefold: to speak to the community of digital marketers, to improve digital literacy among corporate executives, and to help his team learn new strategies from his guests. 

Erin Sparks joins Jason Barnard to spill the beans and share his amazing approach to omnichannel content curation. He generously and clearly shares the process, explains the importance of being present on the consumer’s preferred “lanes” and the strategy of gently upselling services to the audience you build.

Jason and Erin also enthusiastically swap their fun methods of making their interviewees comfortable to get the best responses. Oooh and don’t miss out on his brilliant way of getting his clients to stay longer and commit to an omnichannel strategy for the long term!

And Erin is the master of analogies. I’m pretty sure you’ll have fun with the groovy analogies he uses in this conversation. Have a blast 🙂

What you’ll learn from Erin Sparks

  • 00:00 Erin Sparks and Jason Barnard
  • 00:55 The Personal Brand SERP for Erin Sparks
  • 02:33 A quick tour in Edge Media Studios
  • 04:28 Why did Erin build a fantastic studio for a podcast?
  • 06:51 Podcast: Fount of research and development
  • 11:04 How an omnichannel content curation process works
  • 13:23 Meet consumers in their preferred lane (channel)
  • 16:08 Making your clients the star of their content
  • 18:36 The “foxhole” method of building trust
  • 22:35 Number of content pieces Erin Sparks does in a week (a lot!)
  • 24:08 Asking the right questions 
  • 29:51 You need committed client buy-in for the omnichannel method to work
  • 32:20 What are good KPIs to then get clients to commit long term?
  • 36:56 The immense benefits from teaching and sharing knowledge with your audience

This episode was recorded live on video August 24th 2021

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now>>

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