Mike Blumenthal with Jason Barnard

Mike Blumenthal talks with Jason Barnard about review attributes

Mike Blumenthal loves to say “All Local, All the time”. He is an authority on local SEO with 20 years of experience under his belt… so, who better than “The Godfather of Local” himself to discuss Google’s new feature — Google Review Attributes.

This new feature in Google allows consumers to leave a quality rating about attributes concerning the business  as part of their review and, according to Mike, as a business, there’s a lot of reasons to love: it helps build consistency in customer service, and actionable information — which ultimately is the purpose of reviews — and it gives a chance to analyze your competitors in a structured and consistent manner.

Mike goes on to explain how reviews, and particularly review attributes directly influence local search results and how to take advantage of that. He shares the strategies he uses with his clients to best leverage reviews and attributes in a successful local SEO strategy.

What you’ll learn from Mike Blumenthal

  • 00:00 Mike Blumenthal and Jason Barnard
  • 00:43 The argument for Google being your homepage
  • 01:52 GatherUp’s Knowledge Panel
  • 07:05 What are Review Attributes?
  • 12:26 Google Attributes focus on service-based industries
  • 15:54 In what industries are Google Attributes currently appearing?
  • 19:31 Could this new feature put the fear of Google into businesses?
  • 21:18 Google Maps as the bleeding edge for the Knowledge Graph
  • 23:58 How the information about reviews extracted by Google influences local search results
  • 26:08 How to encourage your customers to provide specific review content
  • 28:52 Is there a direct effect in a Brand’s local search performance from a great attribute rating?
  • 30:17 The how-to of getting and leveraging first and third party reviews
  • 34:58 Could we say that Google homepage is Google’s reflection of the world’s opinion of you?
  • 38:25 How to get clients to give reviews on the different platforms

Helpful Resources About How Review Attributes Work in Local SEO

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This episode was recorded live on video February 3rd 2021

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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