All About Brand Affinity Marketing (Chris Savage and Jason Barnard)

Chris Savage talks with Jason Barnard about brand affinity

Brand identity and authenticity is the key for Brand Affinity. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is trying to over-monetize their companies to the detriment of its authenticity.

Chris Savage is the co-founder of Wistia, a very successful company designed to serve businesses with on-site videos for marketing purposes. He talks about the early challenges of building a multi million dollar company from the ground up, and the power of brand identity.

Chris talks us through a plethora of topics – from faking brand identity to branding through cult of personality to building affinity with your audience.

What you’ll learn from Chris Savage

  • 05:20 Wisita’s story from it’s initial challenges to its current success
  • 12:52 Why Chris and his business partner didn’t sell the company when presented with big offers
  • 14:04 Would Wistia have died if they had sold it early on?
  • 15:13 The problem with over-monetizing a company
  • 16:20 A story about the power of brand identity
  • 19:12 Is Brand Affinity fakeable?
  • 20:33 Is it OK to present your brand by just being yourself, without a calculated approach?
  • 22:14 How Tim Cook vs Steve Jobs
  • 23:49 Brand Affinity – Wistia’s approach
  • 26:30 Using video to connect with your audience?
  • 28:53 Understanding your client – a practical and effective approach
  • 31:58 Your audiences feedback VS their real needs and how that aligns with your company’s mission

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This episode was recorded live on video January 20th 2021

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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