Eric Schwartzman with Jason Barnard

Eric Schwartzman talks with Jason Barnard about press visibility

What a blast this one was. The rather delightful Eric Schwartzman has 20 years of experience as a Digital Marketing Consultant and Digital Transformation Advisor, so you can imagine the amazing nuggets of wisdom he shared with us.

He explains the best ways to break a story and explains how he leverages enormous visibility for relatively unknown companies through earned media.

In the second half, Eric explains his strategy to get featured on top topically-focussed industry websites… and how you can push your own sites above media outlets in Google with solid SEO.

What you’ll learn from Eric Schwartzman

  • 00:00 Eric Schwartzman and Jason Barnard
  • 00:10 Eric’s Brand SERP
  • 01:27 Eric’s Knowledge Panel
  • 02:00 How did Eric become a digital marketing coach
  • 03:47 The evolution of PR over the years
  • 08:07 The power of earned media
  • 09:37 How Eric got a small company noticed on the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, through earned media
  • 13:48 How to break a story in the current climate, where public gatherings are limited
  • 18:25 A plan of action to get featured on the top sites of an industry
  • 22:59 How Eric would pitch Jason “The Brand SERP Guy” to get featured on a top website
  • 28:27 The distinction between the op-ed and the news coverage aspect on a media outlet
  • 30:18 Eric’s strategy to feature a veterinarian on a top industry website
  • 35:08 Are journalists happy to work with SEOs?
  • 37:12 How to make your story discoverable with simple SEO

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This episode was recorded live on video January 13th 2021

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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