Nik Ranger and Jason Barnard

Nik Ranger talks with Jason Barnard about semantically driven site architecture.

Nik Ranger is the Senior Technical Lead at Studio Hawk, a Co-Host of Australian Search Marketing Academy (ASMA) for Semrush, the founder of SEO Collective Australia and a Brand Ambassador for Rank Ranger. She’s also an international search industry keynote speaker and was shortlisted for the Young Search Professional SEMrush award.

Semantically driven site architecture is fun when you want to track and learn the search intent journeys of your consumers and use it to redefine your marketing funnel.

In this brilliant podcast, Nik explains the broad considerations in the consumer’s buying journey, how we identify the relevant ontologies, and how to qualify them into intent categories for a profitable site architecture.

She uses a delightful and informative presentation with amusing memes from the sitcom “The Simpsons” which definitely contributes to better understanding this topic. She cites the platforms she uses for certain parts of the site architecture process including Semrush and Wordlift. Importantly watch to the end before jumping in and restructuring your site architecture – Nik provides a caveat and a BIG, BIG warning ! 

If you find it difficult to follow this audio-only, here are the slides >>.

What you’ll learn from Nik Ranger

  • 00:00 Nik Ranger and Jason Barnard
  • 02:22 Nik Ranger’s Brand SERP and Event Knowledge Panel 
  • 03:00 Webfacts in SE Ranking’s Knowledge Panel
  • 05:13 Semantically driven site architecture
  • 06:59 Who is Nik Ranger?
  • 09:32 Google shifts from answers to search intent journeys
  • 14:38 Search intent journeys are unique to each user. Should we try to adapt our pages to each of these intents?
  • 19:16 Semantic relationships in Google’s Knowledge Graph
  • 24:33 Breaking down a site’s ontologies and identifying search intent
  • 25:51 Manually qualifying and clustering of search terms versus Wordlift’s AI-driven solution
  • 35:53 What is site structure and how does it help SEO?
  • 41:47 How to build a great site structure (a flow chart)
  • 47:06 How to assess your internal and external link architecture
  • 49:00 Assessing keywords performance in Google Analytics and Search Console
  • 51:40 A warning from Nik Ranger before restructuring your site’s architecture
  • 54:58 Common problems with site migrations

This episode was recorded live on video July 6th 2021

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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