Bill Slawski with Jason Barnard - Entities and Knowledge Panels

Bill Slawski talks with Jason Barnard about knowledge panels

Bill Slawski is the Director of Search Marketing for Go Fish Digital and the editor of SEO by the Sea. He has been doing SEO since 1996, and is regarded as a teacher and mentor to the SEO community – educating on both core and complex SEO principles.

Google created the Knowledge Graph back in 2012, and as it started to focus on indexing “things” instead of “strings” – the world of SEO has not been quite the same again.

As Bill explains: “strings to things, where it is not so much about matching keywords, but instead, about answering questions involving things”.

This was a fascinating and insightful episode where Jason Barnard and Bill Slawski discuss in depth the Knowledge Graph, knowledge panels, and entities in search.

Bill also touches on the concept of “Teachable Moments” – a fascinating concept that ties in with the Zero-click searches Rand Fishkin talks about. We will certainly hear more about in the coming months (and years).

How does the Knowledge Graph confidence score work? How does Google ‘learn’? WHat purpose do knowledge panels serve? What triggers a Knowledge Panel

You’ll find out all about that and much more!

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What you’ll learn from Bill Slawski

  • 00:00 Bill Slawski with Jason Barnard
  • 02:18 Word Vectors in search
  • 05:29 How Google identifies entities in search
  • 07:40 Teachable moments in search
  • 08:59 Do PAA Boxes mean that Google understood the entity within the query?
  • 10:11 Bill Slawski’s Brand SERP
  • 14:53 How does Google’s Knowledge Graph confidence score work?
  • 18:48 How Google distinguishes between reliable vs popular sources
  • 21:48 Building your presence in the Knowledge Graph today
  • 24:18 Geolocation, relevance and topicality as factors in the Knowledge Graph
  • 27:35 Does Google understand physical entities better than conceptual entities?
  • 33:19 What purpose do Knowledge Panels serve in Google’s eyes?
  • 35:45 What triggers a Knowledge Panel?
  • 38:08 Trigger Terms according to Bill Slawski
  • 38:45 Label Terms according to Bill Slawski
  • 40:07 Bill Slawski expands on how knowledge panels evolve
  • 42:02 Google’s challenge in understanding certain entities
  • 43:47 The concept of Dominant Entities explained by Bill Slawski

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This episode was recorded live on video March 24th 2021

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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