Mordy Oberstein and Jason Barnard

Mordy Oberstein talks with Jason Barnard about Wix and SEO

Mordy Oberstein is an SEO expert, speaker, podcast host, and an avid contributor to some of the most prestigious publications such as Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Land. He’s currently the official liaison to the SEO Community for Wix, and he joined Jason Barnard to demystify and clear the air about the misconceptions surrounding the platform.

Although known for its beginner-friendly approach to SEO, Wix is equipped with a wide range of tools designed for more advanced tasks such as adding Schema Markup to your website or correcting technical problems like 404’s and redirects.

Mordy explains some of Wix’s features, its development potential, and reveals some very interesting plans for the platform.

What you’ll learn from Mordy Oberstein

  • 00:00 Mordy Oberstein and Jason Barnard
  • 01:06 Mordy Oberstein’s Brand SERP
  • 01:35 Mordy Oberstein has been ‘Kalicubed’
  • 04:50 Wix and SEO – What’s the Story?
  • 05:15 Noel Gallagher and Oasis – What’s the link?
  • 06:54 Wix character limit for meta titles and descriptions
  • 11:17 Who is Wix’s target audience?
  • 13:50 Adding Schema Markup to a Wix website
  • 15:44 Where Wix needs improvement
  • 17:04 Velo Full Stack Dev – advanced development features
  • 19:26 How does Wix simplify fixing technical issues?
  • 20:42 Wix’s educational hub
  • 25:02 Creating content for the web
  • 27:30 Does Wix lock their customers in?
  • 29:06 Wix’s approval rating in the SEO community

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This episode was recorded live on video May 4th 2021

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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