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David Bain talks with Jason Barnard about crafty content creation.

David Bain is the Founder of Casting Cred, a podcast and video show production agency for B2B brands. He is also the groovy host of Digital Marketing Radio which is a weekly podcast and YouTube show for in-house, agency, and entrepreneurial marketers.

To strategically create crafty content, we must always begin with the end goals in mind. We have to figure out how all our efforts fit with the outcome we’re trying to achieve. These goals and tasks can only become clear when there is a tangible plan right in front of us 😉 

So in this fantastic episode, David Bain joins Jason Barnard to share his crafty, clever content creation in combination with his super effective Funnel Marketing Model he has built 😉

Also, watch out for his tips and tricks for building a better, more efficient content strategy as well as his kit recommendations for podcasting beginners and also producers aiming for professional quality audio.

What you’ll learn from David Bain

  • 00:00 David Bain with Jason Barnard
  • 01:12 Casting Cred’s Brand SERP and unclaimed Knowledge Panel
  • 02:16 How did David get the domain for his name?
  • 05:11 How to get “crafty” in creating content
  • 07:08 Good audio setup 101
  • 12:25 The REAL kit to take sound to the next level!
  • 14:10 Why you should start off with an audio only podcast
  • 15:20 Think about the mediums before creating content
  • 18:03 The efficient way to outsource your content
  • 25:12 Tips and tricks: How to craft a successful content strategy
  • 26:07 The standard customer buying cycle for B2B brands
  • 26:52 The Pump and Funnel Marketing Model
  • 28:15 Hero. Hub. Help. The YouTube Content Model 
  • 31:14 David adds three more Hs to the content model (making it craftier!)
  • 33:13 What pushed David to build and go beyond the common content models?
  • 35:19 Why is the Hub content sitting outside the Pump and Funnel Marketing Model?

This episode was recorded live on video November 23rd 2021

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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