Poster for Mads Singers and Jason Barnard

Mads Singers talks with Jason Barnard about how to delegate effectively.

Mad Singers has more than 8 years experience as a management and outsourcing coach. He has coached people in large organizations such as Shell and Coca-Cola, but also coached entrepreneurs in small companies too. He currently owns and runs 4 companies, he’s the host of SEO Mastery Summit and regularly speaks at major events such as SEO Spring Training, 7 Figure Seller Summit, & the Survive and Thrive Ecommerce Summit.

In this episode, Mads Singers and Jason Barnard discuss how to delegate effectively. Mads is the expert and he starts by explaining that delegating can only be effective when you disown task responsibility, stop figuring out answers for others and be completely unaware how the task is actually done.

For example, the CEO of IBM is not figuring out what everyone in the organization has to do and might not even know the processes behind the tasks they are delegating. The focus of a CEO should be elsewhere. Of course! 

In the SEO industry in particular, delegation is something that is often badly managed. The nature of many great SEO experts is to be 1) control freak 2) expert in every area and 3) want to reproduce clones of themselves… all of which is a big, big mistake!!

Mads goes on to dig down into the Do’s and Don’ts of managing teams: from having the right attitude, focussing on the right goals and (most importantly) implementing the  motivational strategies that empower employees.

A super delightful talk that absolutely hits the spot and an episode where you won’t want to skip and miss a single detail. Employees will relate to the approach and CEOs, team leaders and managers will learn valuable, productive and profitable lessons 😉

What you’ll learn from Mads Singers

  • 00:00 Mads Singers and Jason Barnard
  • 01:37 Mads Singer’s Brand SERP
  • 05:23 Delegating tasks versus delegating responsibility
  • 10:25 Management golden rule: Never answer questions
  • 12:55 Who takes the blame for employees’ slow development?
  • 15:41 Putting the right people in the right job
  • 18:49 What qualities make the best hires?
  • 19:56 Who should define the task process and fix issues?
  • 22:52 Why SEO agencies have trouble with delegation
  • 24:59 The big mistake of duplicating yourself
  • 26:08 Practical tip: The easiest way to get promoted
  • 28:20 Flat versus pyramid organization
  • 29:45 What is the ideal size for a manageable team
  • 32:04 The ultimate roles and goals for managers
  • 34:43 Understanding the biggest WHYs of the task 

This episode was recorded live on video November 2nd 2021

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