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Luke Carthy talks with Jason Barnard about striking the right balance between SEO and CRO.

Luke Carthy is an eCommerce consultant delivering incredible (double to triple!!) results and sustainable growth for brands spanning both B2C and B2B verticals like Caterpillar, Renault and Chemist Direct. 

Luke’s principle is delivering sales growth first and SEO after. As a wise digital marketer, do you agree with Luke’s take that SEO is not the be-all and end-all of delivering sustainable eCommerce growth?

Before you give a thumbs up or a frown, take some time to listen to this podcast because that’s what this episode is all about!

We all love SEO, however not everything in SEO is under our control. Regardless of whether we have fixed the technical issues or not, there’s no guarantee that we’ll get the rewards we’re expecting in terms of traffic growth, let alone sales… and this is where CRO changes the game 😉

Join Luke and Jason as they dive into the realms of CRO where they dig into a lot of ‘client-consultant arguments’ such as:

  • One page checkout vs multi step checkout
  • Client’s preferred payment option vs diversity of payment options
  • How offline stores display products vs how online should be done
  • and a lot more!

This might just be the greatest guide in your ‘basket filling optimisation’ journey, so hit that play button now 🙂

Also, watch out for the groovy SERP experiment at the beginning where Jason attempts to revive Luke’s dormant Twitter boxes live on air. Quite a risk to take. Question is, does it work out? Watch to find out!

What you’ll learn from Luke Carthy

  • 00:00 Luke Carthy and Jason Barnard
  • 01:18 Luke Carthy’s Brand SERP and a dormant Twitter experiment
  • 03:23 Will Luke Carthy consider implementing IndexNow?
  • 05:29 Striking the right balance between SEO & CRO
  • 13:28 Giving the customers checkout options
  • 16:50 Do you work on SEO and CRO at the same time?
  • 19:39 CRO and SEO = good business advice
  • 20:53 Does CRO include ‘basket filling optimisation’?
  • 22:37 The gamification of free shipping
  • 26:52 Are post purchase coupons effective for customer loyalty?
  • 30:19 Points of conflict between SEO and CRO
  • 34:50 Tips for A/B testing
  • 36:47 Balancing CRO and SEO 

This episode was recorded live on video November 09th 2021

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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