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Alisa Meredith talks with Jason Barnard about how to use Pinterest for B2B marketing.

Alisa Meredith is a Product Marketer, Pinterest Nerd, fluid painter, and a cat person. She believes in the power of visual marketing and is in love with Pinterest advertising. 

Over 20 years in the marketing industry, she has achieved a lot: she ran a social media and blogging agency that became a HubSpot partner agency, she was a Content Marketer at Tailwind, and has hosted several shows, including The Superheroes of Marketing where she interviews smart professionals in the industry like Neil Patel. Today, she has a weekly live show where she shares incredible marketing tips.

You might imagine that Pinterest is a bad choice to promote your B2B company, but in this groovy episode, the delightful Alisa Meredith explains to Jason Barnard that is an incorrect assumption 😉

She starts by sharing the B2C industries that work best on this highly visual platform, and then goes on to mention some of the B2B industries that work on Pinterest, such as finance – a topic you would not imagine performing on a visual platform! 

Alisa explains why: Pinterest is about planning for your best future. Over the 40 minutes, she shares a multitude of juicy tips and insights: the right content marketing approach for infographics, actionable tips for idea pins, dealing with keywords, tagging and linking for your pins, and commenting on the pins of your target market which can bring visibility for your brand, follows to your account and visits to your site 😉

This is a super marvelous chat full of fun, tips & tricks, and experiments. Tune in!

What you’ll learn from Alisa Meredith

  • 00:00 Alisa Meredith and Jason Barnard
  • 00:17 Alisa Meredith’s Brand SERP and videos vertical
  • 03:18 What works best on Pinterest?
  • 05:20 How does B2C work on Pinterest?
  • 08:23 Everyday shopping pins on Pinterest
  • 09:23 Pinterest audience insights. Which interesting topic comes first?
  • 10:54 Pinterest is about planning for your best future
  • 12:12 An infographic trick to drive traffic to your website
  • 13:45 Pinterest user demographics have changed
  • 16:03 Stories (ideas) that last forever
  • 19:45 Examples of B2B pins 
  • 25:13 How to deal with keywords on Pinterest?
  • 29:39 Tagging and linking 
  • 31:11 User personality types on different social networks
  • 32:27 Why commenting on idea pins is powerful
  • 33:35 The Pinterest algorithm
  • 37:05 Planning and creating pins for B2B

This episode was recorded live on video October 12th 2021

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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