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Paul Andre de Vera talks with Jason Barnard about video SEO to launch your YouTube show.

Paul Andre de Vera is the founder and host of the SEO Video Show, a YouTube channel that attracted a thousand subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in just 6 months!

Creating a YouTube Channel dedicated for live streaming events is a super groovy idea with enormous benefits namely: 

  • Increasing your online reach
  • Collaborate with other industry experts (bringing their audience to your channel)
  • Connecting with your audiences in real time!
  • Establishing your brand
  • Monetization and more…

But the problem comes when it’s time to launch the channel, grow the subscribers, rank the videos and keep the audience watching until you click the button to end the livestream.

Paul breaks down his awesomely effective strategies starting from his pre-launching activities, to his video SEO tactics, to how he ultra-optimises his YouTube show. So, if you’re planning to launch your YouTube show, this is the podcast episode for you 😉

Hmmm, already launched your YouTube show years ago? Paul says it’s not too late! So you better listen in for the amazing optimisation, engagement and visibility tips he  shares. Paul ends the show with a great boxing-announcer-style presentation of next week’s guest. Super delightful!

What you’ll learn from Paul Andre de Vera

  • 00:00 Paul Andre de Vera and Jason Barnard
  • 00:37 Paul Andre de Vera’s Brand SERP and video verticals
  • 03:16 Video SEO to Launch Your YouTube Show
  • 04:13 How the quality rater guidelines apply to YouTube
  • 06:48 Planning the first show comes with a script 😉
  • 08:45 Why Paul has a wait period at the beginning of each show
  • 10:02 Spicing up the show with camera, sound stingers and vocal effects
  • 10:44 Why do viewers stick around until the end?
  • 11:33 Building a channel from 0 to 2000
  • 14:44 Video SEO tip 1: Use GMB as your video location
  • 16:02 Video SEO tip 2: Add MetaData
  • 17:07 Video SEO tip 3: Speak your keywords
  • 19:38 How to grow YouTube subscribers with LinkedIn
  • 21:22 Listen to your subscribers
  • 24:27 Video SEO tip 4: How to increase watch time
  • 25:23 Interruptions prolongs audience attention span
  • 28:53 Ranking shows on multiple search terms
  • 30:18 Does Google make a value judgment on the quality of your thumbnails?
  • 32:33 Video SEO tip 5: Leveraging other channels to improve channel visibility
  • 37:38 Video SEO tip 6: use keywords in your timestamps
  • 39:17 Video SEO tip 7: Aim for long-tail keywords
  • 41:08 Authority as a ranking factor on YouTube
  • 42:40 Final word – Google and YouTube evolve in tandem

This episode was recorded live on video October 26th 2021

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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