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Anton Shulke talks with Jason Barnard about live streams as an influencer marketing tool.

Anton Shulke is the Head of Influencer Marketing at Duda, a role he previously filled at Semrush. He is also the Livestream Production Manager for the Kalicube Tuesdays webinars. Over the last 6 years produced over 600 livestreams with the experts in the digital marketing industry. 

Anton believes that livestreaming is one of the best and most cost-effective Influencer Marketing tools. This approach has multiple benefits:

  • cost-effective and easy to organise
  • a worldwide audience
  • a speaking opportunity for the experts and a chance to promote themselves

There are many reasons livestreaming is a great influencer marketing strategy, but the most powerful is that everybody wins. 

In this episode, Anton Shulke talks with Jason Barnard about all the advantages of real-time broadcasting versus conferences and face to face interviews. Anton also shares effective tips for small companies with a less recognisable brand on how to make their first livestream a hit… and how to maintain the success over subsequent events. They also shared how they began working with each other and how they have built a solid foundation in livestreaming together over four (long) years.

Also, watch out for their sports team analogy that will help you better manage livestreams 😉 40 amazing minutes and an insightful conversation!

What you’ll learn from Anton Shulke

  • 00:00 Anton Shulke and Jason Barnard
  • 01:40 Koray Gübür – Brand SERP: What is it and How to Optimize?
  • 02:32 Anton Shulke’s Brand SERP
  • 04:57 Why do we do livestreams? 
  • 09:31 Strength of livestreams versus face to face interviews
  • 17:37 How to begin and end your first livestream
  • 20:50 What is the goal of your livestream?
  • 24:11 Why a single appearance on a livestream isn’t enough
  • 26:56 Livestreaming goals of a less recognisable brand versus a famous brand
  • 29:53 The mutual transaction in livestreaming
  • 35:15 Lessons from the combination of wrong people
  • 37:29 Limitations in the job of the livestream guy 

Helpful Resources:

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This episode was recorded live on video September 14th 2021

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now>>

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