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Mike Capuzzi talks with Jason Barnard about how to write a short book to boost your search engine results.

Mike Capuzzi is a publisher, author and book publishing coach who has been helping clients achieve exceptional marketing results since 1998. In 2019, he launched Bite Sized Books, a new publishing concept for creating short, helpful books (known as Shooks™). Mike is the author of 15 books, including two Amazon #1 bestsellers, The 100-Page Book and The Magic of Short Books.

Writing a book is a powerful marketing strategy that a marketer or business owner can use. Rather than making money directly from sales, a book is an opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition: since you and your competitors may already be using a number of similar tactics, writing a book is something that will set you apart. And a massive bonus is that they also increase your authority in search engines like Google.

Mike Capuzzi and Jason Barnard focus on how to create “Shooks” (short, helpful books), with the same quality content as the longer books, but in a conversational format with a built-in upsell. Mike also reveals how to stay focused when writing a shook, how long it takes to write one, and how many pages it should have. Plus, this episode covers other interesting ideas like free book strategy and building a book-centric marketing strategy.

As always, the show ends with passing the baton… Mike charmingly hands over the virtual baton to next week’s incredible guest, George Kapernaros.

What you’ll learn from Mike Capuzzi

  • 00:00 Mike Capuzzi and Jason Barnard
  • 00:43 Mike Capuzzi’z 100 Page Book
  • 01:15 Mike Capuzzi’z Brand SERP
  • 01:52 What is a “Shook”?
  • 05:58 Who are Shooks for and Who are they not for?
  • 07:20 Can Doing Upsell Affect the Value of a Book?
  • 08:06 What are the Two Pathways Built for Readers?
  • 09:25 Book-centric Marketing Strategy
  • 11:08 How to Make Money With a Book
  • 13:00 The Free Book Strategy
  • 14:48 What Does Shook-centric Authority Mean?
  • 17:53 Are Books a Monologue?
  • 18:45 Mike Capuzzi’s Thoughts on Creating a Website for Each Book
  • 21:23 Purple Cow vs The Big Idea
  • 23:33 Mike Capuzzi Challenges Jason Barnard to Write a Shook
  • 26:10 How Long Does it Take to Write a Shook?
  • 27:35 Tips for Staying Focused When Writing a Shook
  • 29:25 Passing the Baton: Mike Capuzzi to George Kapernaros

This episode was recorded live on video August 2nd 2022

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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