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Ian Anderson Gray talks with Jason Barnard about live shows for recovering perfectionists.

Ian Anderson Gray is a motivational speaker, trainer, teacher and consultant who travels the world. He is the founder of Confident Live Marketing Academy, which teaches entrepreneurs how to successfully use live video to increase their influence, authority and revenue. And he also has a blog, Seriously Social, which is all about social media tools and live videos

Live videos are incredibly powerful and helpful for three types of people (and you are probably in one of these groups). For beginners who don’t feel comfortable and confident standing in front of a camera, shooting live video can be more than a little scary. But it is also a way to overcome those fears. Incredibly, live video is also a time saver for professionals, hmmmm in what way? Well, it would save you the time it takes to re-do or re-record your videos to perfect them. And that leads us to the third type of person live video is great for… perfectionists. There is no such thing as perfection in live video, and that makes it a great way for perfectionists to break their own mould. 

In this episode with Jason Barnard and the brilliantly insightful Ian Anderson Gray talk about how to turn your live videos into a game changer for yourself and your brand… stepping out of your comfort zone, publishing smartly, creating a variety of content from the initial live video stream including podcasts, blog posts, and video babies. IAG explains in detail how he goes about this process himself, from planning, to pre-promotion, to production, to post production, and on to re-purposing

Another intelligent, fun and creative episode indeed.

What you’ll learn from Ian Anderson Gray

  • 00:00 Ian Anderson Gray and Jason Barnard
  • 02:19 Ian Anderson Gray’s Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel
  • 03:30 The Perfectionist Ian Anderson Gray
  • 05:45 Imposter Syndrome
  • 08:39 How to Turn a Live Video into a Content Machine with a Perfectionist Attitude
  • 09:57 Live Video: Antidote to Recovering Perfectionist
  • 10:53 Why Live Video?
  • 13:59 Repurposing Content from Live Video
  • 15:04 Live Video into Video Snippets
  • 16:50 Video Replay into Podcast
  • 19:28 Converting Live Video into Blog Posts
  • 22:27 Why Use Short Links to Redirect to Blog Posts
  • 24:22 Ian Anderson Gray and Jason Barnard’s Transcription Tool Preference
  • 26:31 Ian Anderson Gray’s 5 Ps

This episode was recorded live on video February 22nd 2022

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now>>

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