Poster for Judith Lewis and Jason Barnard

Judith Lewis talks with Jason Barnard about winning the linkbuilding game with data.

Judith Lewis is the founder of Decabbit Consultancy and a conference speaker, digital marketing specialist, trainer, Search Awards Ambassador and Chocolate & Wine judge. She is an experienced online marketer who began her career in the industry in 1996. Like everyone else at the time, she learned through patient testing and experimentation how the various search engine algorithms work, especially the Google algorithm. She discovered her expertise in online marketing by combining her specialised studies in psychology with her programming experience.

White hat, gray hat, and black hat…. You might think that refers to fashion 😉 But in the context of Kalicube Tuesdays, the Shades of Gray hat reference refers to link building. White hat is the good one, gray is borderline sneaky and black hat is all about underhanded tactics that aim to trick the algorithm. Which hat should you wear?

Whichever hat you choose, data is a great way of identifying valuable links. Judith Lewis joins Jason Barnard for a fun filled and intelligent discussion about all shades of link building and how you can use data to help you. Judith provides an incredible bonus with her Decabbit strategy for building networks for clients.

As always the show ends with passing the baton… Judith Lewis sweetly turns over the virtual baton to next week’s talented guest, Ian Anderson Gray.

What you’ll learn from Judith Lewis

  • 00:00 Judith Lewis and Jason Barnard
  • 00:58 Judith Lewis’ Brand SERP
  • 04:12 White, Gray and Black Hat Link Building
  • 04:46 White Hat Link Building Exists (but it’s rare)
  • 07:07 Compensation is not Just Money in the Context of Link Building Strategies
  • 08:37 Link Exchanges for Link Building
  • 09:12 Is Google Aware of Underhanded Link Building Tactics?
  • 12:24 Paid Link Vs Sponsored Link
  • 14:42 How EAT Might Work With a PBN – a Case Study
  • 17:46 Can a PBN be Sustainable?
  • 21:55 Link Building Using Data
  • 22:51 Choosing the Right Bloggers for Links is Down to Audience 
  • 26:36 Judith Lewis’ Strategy in Building Networks (and not PBN)
  • 30:55 Passing the Baton: Judith Lewis to Ian Anderson Gray

This episode was recorded live on video February 15th 2022

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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