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David Amerland talks with Jason Barnard about searcher, behaviour, intent and expectations.

David Amerland is a business journalist, author, and international speaker. He was a Chemical Engineer before stumbling into the world of search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and branding via mathematics. He has written more than a dozen books on business, marketing, and search, including The Tribe That Discovered Trust, Google Semantic Search, and his most recent book, Intentional.

Everything we do from Google’s perspective is data and information, and if Google has enough data, it should be able to better understand us as searchers and provide us with the information we are looking for. 

Human behavior, on the other hand is incredibly difficult to understand let alone predict:s a single action can disguise a variety of intents and the intent of that single action can change immensely over time. 

In this inspiring episode, David Amerland joins Jason Barnard to try to understand where these two worlds intersect (perhaps collide?)

As always, the show ends with passing the baton… David passes the virtual baton to next week’s insightful guest, Purna Virji.

What you’ll learn from David Amerland

  • 00:00 David Amerland with Jason Barnard
  • 00:55 David Amerland’s Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel
  • 02:28 Why is Search Underperforming Even if Its Computational Power is Increasing?
  • 07:29 Google’s Perspective: Everything We Do is Data
  • 08:15 Any Given Action Conceals a Number of Intents
  • 09:20 Culture Changes Behavior
  • 12:03 Culture and Human Behavior are Constantly Evolving and Changing
  • 18:12 Writing Content with Empathy
  • 24:06 Emphatic Content is Great for People, But Does it Work in SEO?
  • 24:24 Can Data Act Empathetically? 
  • 25:43 Can Your AI Machine Generating Content Trick Google’s Algorithms?
  • 29:05 Can Google Recognize a Pattern in Your Behavior to Better Determine Intent?
  • 34:17 Who is Google Chasing… so Who Should we Target?
  • 37:03 David Amerland’s Focus When Creating Content
  • 38:15 How is Google Using MUM and BERT
  • 41:36 To Win With Content, Focus on Areas Where the Target Audience is Dissatisfied.
  • 43:14 Passing the Baton: David Amerland to Purna Virji

This episode was recorded live on video January 11th 2022

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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