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Benjamin Shapiro and Erin Sparks talks with Jason Barnard about is podcast SEO even a thing?

Erin Sparks is owner and president of Site Strategics (founded in 2004), which specialises in high-quality Web services for small and medium-sized businesses. He is the creative force behind the 450+ episode EDGE of the Web Radio podcast, where he regularly interviews thought leaders in marketing and technology. His 23-year IT and marketing career includes 17 years of search engine optimization (SEO) experience. Site Strategics serves a diverse client base in the Midwest and beyond with omnichannel digital marketing utilizing an AGILE marketing approach. The EDGE of the Web podcast is the longest running and one of the top ranked SEO podcasts.

Benjamin Shapiro is the founder, CEO and executive producer of I Hear Everything. He hosts two popular podcasts: Martech Podcast and Voices of Search Podcast. Early in his career, Benjamin walked away from eBay, where he had a successful career in business development. Now, 10 years later, he is an entrepreneur who has led a bootstrap startup, multiple marketing teams at early stage companies (VC -backed companies), and an independent consulting and content business.

Most podcasts are audio-only, but as video podcasts also come into the spotlight, confusion arises about what a podcast is. That is a great question. Very philosophical. However, in this episode we are not talking about that, we are talking about how people consume podcasts, how to best promote a podcast, and we are shedding light on the intriguing question, “Is Podcast SEO Even a Thing?” Well, Jason Barnard thinks “maybe”, Benjamin Shapiro says “no”, and Erin Sparks says “of course”! And they are all right! All three are groovily intelligent podcasters and their delightful friendly banter makes this episode interesting, entertaining AND insightful.

There are more incredible knowledge nuggets in this amazing chat that focus on one single debate: “what is the value of podcasts for SEO” and “what is the value of SEO for podcasts”. Ben, Erin and Jason have an absolute ball debating that… and the conclusions are as helpful as they are unexpected.

What you’ll learn from Benjamin Shapiro and Erin Sparks

  • 00:00 Benjamin Shapiro, Erin Sparks and Jason Barnard
  • 01:20 MarTech’s Brand SERP
  • 01:48 EDGE of the Web’s Knowledge Panel
  • 03:11 Where and How Benjamin Shapiro Promotes Podcasts
  • 03:43 Why Podcast SEO is Not a Thing
  • 05:58 Podcast Experience: Google Podcast Vs Apps
  • 07:18 What Optimisation is Most Important? Google, Podcast Apps or Content?
  • 08:33 Promote Podcast Episodes on Google and Podcast Shows on Podcast Platforms
  • 08:43 Is Duplicate Content a Problem if All Platforms Display Exactly the Same Shownotes?
  • 09:22 How Do People Consume Podcast Audio?
  • 12:17 Is Podcast Valuable for SEO?
  • 12:26 Importance of Reaching Your Podcast Audience Through Different Channels
  • 14:33 Can You Search Engine Optimise a Podcast in Google?
  • 15:36 Are Reviews Important for Podcast Apps?
  • 16:57 Benjamin Shapiro’s Thoughts on Building a Podcast SEO Platform
  • 22:31 Apple’s New Metrics in Podcast Connect
  • 29:38 What Matters to Podcasters

This episode was recorded live on video June 28th 2022

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the live video now >>

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