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Carly J. Cais talks with Jason Barnard about spark your marketing with conversion content.

Carly J. Cais started in marketing before she even knew it was marketing: she created websites for businesses in 2001 (her first website was a My Little Pony flipping shop ). She later started a niche blog and grew it over 12 years to a monthly readership of more than 120,000, partnering with ad networks and brands like L’OREAL, Martha Stewart Crafts and PLAID. She initially worked in B2C marketing, then moved into B2B in 2014, landing in the SaaS space shortly thereafter. After working with a number of early-stage startups, she found a knack for growing SaaS organizations through a combination of marketing, operations and Sales enablement, helping companies grow their pipeline, expand their customer base and lay the groundwork for scaling. She co-founded a consulting firm in mid-2021 and launched her own business as RevvSpark in early 2022. RevvSpark provides conversion content to marketing and sales teams of B2B SaaS companies with a focus on content marketing, demand gen and sales enablement. If it’s visual and needs to persuade and convert, RevvSpark delivers it.

Sales and marketing alignment is critical for any business. Creating common goals, strategies and communication between each team to also deliver consistent messaging and content that guides customers along their Buyer’s Journey, regardless of what stage they are at.

In this wonderful episode, the lovely Carly J. Cais shares brilliant nuggets about how to create high-converting content using her SPARK principle, Strategy, Planning, Assessment, Roles and Responsibilities, and Kick Start. She also goes into detail about the three stages of the buyer journey, the Awareness Stage, the Conversion Stage, and the Decision Stage, and what content best fits each stage: Top of Funnel Content, Middle of Funnel Content, and Bottom of Funnel Content.

Carly also discusses how to get customer feedback in order to understand their pain points and recommended a book as a resource.

As always, the show ends with passing the baton… the wonderful Carly passes the virtual baton to Ash Nallawalla, who will be next week’s incredible guest.

What you’ll learn from Carly J. Cais

  • 00:00 Carly J. Cais and Jason Barnard
  • 01:35 Carly J. Cais’ Brand SERP
  • 02:15 Kalicube Knowledge Panel and Support Group
  • 02:22 Kalicube’s Brand SERP
  • 03:38 Knowledge Panel Done for You Services by Kalicube
  • 04:01 What Does SPARK Mean?
  • 04:14 The Process for Improving Customer Touch Points Along the Buyer’s Journey
  • 04:25 Step 1: Start with a Strategy
  • 05:10 Step 2: Create a Plan
  • 05:16 Step 3: Conduct an Assessment and Audit
  • 06:15 Aligning Sales and Marketing to Improve Customer Experience
  • 08:43 Updating Website Content and General Web Information To Guide Customers on their Buyer’s Journey
  • 11:09 Importance of a Consistent Marketing Message
  • 12:12 Using Tools and Manual Process to Review Content For Google and Users
  • 14:54 Step 4: Defining Roles and Responsibilities of Team Members
  • 17:00 How Do You Know Which Content to Focus on?
  • 17:11 Three Stages in the Buyer’s Journey
  • 17:25 Awareness Stage: Top of Funnel Content
  • 21:34 Conversion Stage: Middle of Funnel Content
  • 22:09 Creating Multiple Content Options to Help Customers Whichever Stage They Started Their Buyer’s Journey
  • 25:03 Getting Customer Feedback to Understand Their Pain Points
  • 26:17 Decision Stage: Bottom of Funnel Content
  • 26:35 Carly J. Cais’ Book Recommendation
  • 29:01 Passing the Baton: Carly J. Cais to Ash Nallawalla

This episode was recorded live on video November 22nd 2022

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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