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Daniel Alfon talks with Jason Barnard about LinkedIn SEO and the LinkedIn SERP.

Daniel Alfon is the author of Build a LinkedIn Profile for Business Success. Daniel joined LinkedIn in early 2004 and publishes articles, interviews, and exclusive content on advanced LinkedIn strategies for clients and subscribers on his website,

Being at the top of Google SERP means a lot to any company or business owner. However, for agency owners, business owners and SMB users, LinkedIn as a search engine is also important to consider.

LinkedIn is more B2B than B2C with a more focused and business-oriented audience, making it a preferred platform for business professionals, deal-makers, employees and even investors. LinkedIn is hugely intricate with almost as many subtleties as Google Search. So if you are going to use LinkedIn to drive business or get the new job opportunity you dreamed of, build a strategy and spend the time to implement it properly. Start with what people see on your LinkedIn profile, then move on to connections, content, internal search, keywords, videos, and even how this is all presented in Google Search!

But there’s more (who would have believed it ?): brilliant LinkedIn profile tips, strategies for ranking in LinkedIn search, as well as how trustworthy LinkedIn is compared to other social media platforms. Daniel Alfon offers comprehensive insights that are truly inspiring in this wonderful episode.

As always, the show ends with passing the baton… Daniel wonderfully passes the virtual baton to next week’s super delightful guest, Stacey Hall. 

What you’ll learn from Daniel Alfon

  • 00:00 Daniel Alfon and Jason Barnard
  • 00:58 Knowledge Panel Checklist
  • 01:31 Kalicube Pro Saas for Agencies
  • 02:23 To What Extent Do LinkedIn Algorithms Change Information within LinkedIn?
  • 03:20 How Trustworthy is LinkedIn Compared to Other Social Media Platforms?
  • 04:18 The Importance of LinkedIn for Brand SERPs
  • 04:58 Data From Kalicube Pro Saas Platform
  • 05:37 Daniel Alfon’s LinkedIn Profile
  • 07:06 LinkedIn Profile Video Strategy
  • 08:30 Maximising LinkedIn’s New Features
  • 09:04 How Important is it to Fill Out Your LinkedIn Profile
  • 11:44 LinkedIn as a Search Engine
  • 15:06 Can LinkedIn’s Algorithm be Easily Tricked?
  • 16:01 LinkedIn for Business Owners Vs Employees
  • 17:54 LinkedIn Strategy for B2B
  • 19:24 Focusing on a LinkedIn Company Page Vs Agency Owner Profile
  • 21:00 Daniel Alfon’s LinkedIn Profile Tips
  • 25:31 Are Emoticons in the LinkedIn Title a Good Idea?
  • 27:55 The Importance of Relevant Connections
  • 30:26 Passing the Baton: Daniel Alfon to Stacey Hall

This episode was recorded live on video October 25th 2022

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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