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Jonas Sickler talks with Jason Barnard about where do branded searches on Google come from?

Jonas Sickler is a published author and SEO manager at Terakeet. He leads the inbound organic search marketing strategy for the brand and writes about how to gain positive consumer attention through SEO and content strategy. His advice has appeared in Forbes, CMI and Search Engine Watch.

Large and small companies have different perceptions of their brand’s online presence, although both are focused on attracting more customers. The way they treat their online presence still matters a lot. Large companies tend to approach online branding this way: they are well-known in the offline world and have a huge customer base, so why should they worry about managing their online presence when they are already well established? Smaller companies often fail to see the return on investment of digital branding.

Online branding is vital to every business, big or small. Who is googling your brand name? It’s not only customers, but also prospects, investors, partners, future employees and so many more people who are super-important to your business. You’d be a fool to miss all those opportunities 😉 Controlling what Google displays in your Brand SERP is definitely crucial.

A groovy and insightful episode with Jason Barnard and this week’s guest, Jonas Sickler, who shares incredible insights into how important it is for companies to invest in their brand’s digital presence, why people search for someone or a company on Google and even how a company can handle a bad-news crisis. Incredibly fascinating!

As always, the show ends with passing the baton… Jonas Sickler awesomely turned over the virtual baton to next week’s pretty incredible guest, Daniel Alfon. 

What you’ll learn from Jonas Sickler

  • 00:00 Jonas Sickler and Jason Barnard
  • 01:16 Jonas Sickler’s Brand SERP
  • 02:56 Terakeet’s Brand SERP
  • 04:43 Kalicube Pros Saas for Agencies
  • 05:38 How Did Jason Barnard Get Started with Brand SERP?
  • 06:49 The Importance of Knowledge Panel Management
  • 07:26 Jason Hennessy’s Knowledge Panel Success Within Two Months
  • 08:05 Why Do People Search Someone’s Name on Google?
  • 09:27 Why Do People Search for a Company’s Name on Google?
  • 10:32 What Drives Branded Search on Google?
  • 11:51 The Value of the Information Google Displays in a Brand SERP
  • 13:54 Do Reviews Still Matter?
  • 17:55 The Need for Businesses to Invest in Their Brand’s Digital Presence
  • 20:06 Kalicube Case Study: Backpacker Job Board
  • 22:16 Controlling Companies’ Digital Presence
  • 25:24 Do Job Seekers Google the Company They Want to Work for?
  • 27:30 How to Handle a Brand’s Crisis?
  • 30:19 Passing the Baton: Jonas Sickler to Daniel Alfon

This episode was recorded live on video October 18th 2022

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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