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Meredith Kallaher talks with Jason Barnard about the ultimate conversion copy writing framework.

Meredith Kallaher is a self-confessed podcast addict when she heard Rick Mulready of The Art of Paid Traffic say, “Facebook ads are simple. They are all about the numbers,” that’s when something clicked for Meredith Kallaher. Maybe an “aha” moment? Her CPA degree and six-year tenure at PricewaterhouseCoopers, combined with her expertise in social media marketing, have uniquely prepared Meredith to help companies execute and implement successful social media advertising campaigns. “I love numbers,” Meredith mused as Rick explained that successful advertising strategies require managers to understand the lifetime value of a customer to a business and compare that to the corresponding acquisition costs by evaluating audience size, cost per lead, return on ad spend, and percent click-through rate. “EASY”, said all the creative CPAs in the room!

Copywriting is a critical component of a marketing and advertising strategy, and as a marketer or business owner, getting your message across clearly and concisely to your audience is essential to sales. But how do you find the best people to take on this important task and add value to your business? Absolutely intriguing.

In this incredible episode with Jason Barnard, the lovely Meredith Kallaher explains in detail how to build a conversion copywriting framework in three brilliant steps: writing a full brand story, transformation statement and then looking at the customer value journey. Meredith also provided a step-by-step guide with great examples of the Customer Value Journey. And Jason adds how AI tools improve copywriting but that they require human input to create more resonance with the target audience.

As always the show ends with passing the baton… Meredith wonderfully turns over the virtual baton to next week’s incredible guest, Brooke Chapman.

What you’ll learn from Meredith Kallaher

  • 00:00 Meredith Kallaher and Jason Barnard
  • 01:34 Kalicube Tuesdays with Meredith Kallaher Knowledge Panel
  • 02:06 Meredith Kallaher’s KGMID
  • 04:43 Copywriting Framework: Technical vs Human Approach 
  • 05:34 Utilising AI Tools in Content Creation
  • 06:59 The Importance of Human Input for AI Generated Content
  • 09:59 How to Find the Right People to Deliver Great Copywriting 
  • 11:06 How Important is it for Copywriters to Know What They are Writing About
  • 11:57 Meredith Kallaher’s Three Steps to Creating a Copywriting Framework
  • 12:06 First Step: Write a Complete Brand Story
  • 13:54 Second Step: Transformation Statement
  • 15:34 Deciding on an Elevator Pitch and Call to Action
  • 18:09 Is Choosing a Target Audience Beneficial to Conversion Copywriting Framework
  • 20:18 Third Step: Look at the Customer Value Journey
  • 20:45 Step-by-Step Guide to Customer Value Journey 
  • 20:56 Step 1: Awareness
  • 20:58 Step 2: Engagement
  • 21:01 Step 3: Subscription
  • 21:04 Step 4: Conversion
  • 21:12 Step 5: Excitement
  • 21:14 Step 6: Ascend Value Journey
  • 21:28 Step 7: Advocacy
  • 21:30 Step 8: Promotion
  • 25:22 Passing the Baton: Meredith Kallaher to Brooke Chapman

This episode was recorded live on video September 13th 2022

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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