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Anika Jackson talks with Jason Barnard about integrated marketing strategies, but first, brand!

Anika Jackson is a mother, community volunteer, philanthropist, marketing and communications professional, podcast host, and graduate adjunct professor at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. As a marketer, she has done it all in her decade-long career, including experiential marketing/event production, launch marketing, public relations, digital and influencer. Anika serves as VP of Operations for Full Capacity Marketing and is the founder and host of the Your Brand Amplified® podcast and The Brand Amplifier program for small businesses. Through The Brand Amplifier, her mission is to empower businesses and entrepreneurs to amplify their impact on the world. She is a member of the Intuit Small Business Council, the Advisory Board for the Women in Leadership program at UCSB, and an advisor and thought leader for several local, national, and global nonprofit organizations. Her NPO leadership positions currently include co-founder/board member of Learn Grow Lead, treasurer of InfluenceHers Foundation and new VP of communications for the National Charity League Pier Chapter.

By developing an integrated marketing strategy, marketers can increase brand authority and search results while effectively reaching their target audience with a consistent brand identity. Not only does this method streamline messaging across all channels, but it also builds stronger relationships with journalists, ultimately accelerating the growth of your brand. Groovy!

In this wonderful episode, Anika Jackson discusses the value of a strong, consistent brand identity. Anika explains the benefits of integrating your marketing efforts across channels and the different strategies for each channel in the PESO model: paid, earned, shared and owned. She also shares brilliant nuggets on establishing authenticity and thought leadership and building relationships in PR. 

As always, the show ends with passing the baton…Anika wonderfully passes the virtual baton to next week’s incredibly brilliant guest, Amanda Milligan.

What you’ll learn from Anika Jackson

  • 00:00 Anika Jackson and Jason Barnard
  • 01:20 Anika Jackson’s Brand SERP
  • 02:50 Why Building a Strong Brand is Essential for Marketing and PR Strategies
  • 03:47 How to Establish Authenticity and Thought Leadership
  • 06:00 PESO Model: Integrated Marketing Strategies
  • 06:21 Paid Media
  • 06:25 Earned Media
  • 06:45 Shared Media
  • 07:11 Owned Media
  • 09:16 Future of Video Search
  • 11:01 Google Advertising
  • 11:34 Building Brand Awareness Through Shared and Social Channels
  • 14:45 Earned Media Strategy for Branding
  • 15:55 Building Relationships in PR
  • 17:13 Longevity and Patience in PR
  • 20:50 Staying Top of Mind for Journalists
  • 22:40 Consistency in Shared Media Strategy
  • 26:15 Brand Congruence
  • 27:28 Redefining Your Marketing Strategy
  • 30:20 How Can Integrated Marketing Strategies Help with Branded Search
  • 32:12 Passing the Baton: Anika Jackson to Amanda Milligan

This episode was recorded live on video April 25th 2023

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