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Matt Artz talks with Jason Barnard about leveraging anthropology for effective content marketing.

Matt Artz is an anthropologist, designer, strategist, product manager and entrepreneur known for his innovative work in user experience, product development and consumer insights. He is Head of Product and User Experience at Cloudshadow, founder of Anthro to UX and Azimuth Labs, and adjunct professor of marketing at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business. Matt is also a sought-after speaker and thought leader, speaking to international audiences at conferences and on podcasts. He is passionate about responsible design in new technologies and is currently co-editing a volume on anthropology and new technologies to be published by Routledge in 2024.

The ever-changing world of content marketing requires innovative techniques that truly connect with your target audience. But how can you do this effectively? Hmmm… It’s important to understand your target audience on a deeper cultural and psychological level. And that’s where anthropological concepts come in, offering insights into both the general human experience and the unique elements that shape specific audience segments.

In this remarkable episode with the rather groovy Matt Artz, explains how understanding and applying anthropology can drive your content marketing. Matt shares his incredible knowledge on understanding customer needs, providing value to them, his thoughts on AI-generated content, and applying anthropology to learn more about user behavior so you’re able to create truly engaging content that aligns with your audience’s core values, beliefs, and motivations.

As always, the show ends with passing the baton…Matt delightfully passes the virtual baton to next week’s wonderful guest, Anika Jackson.

What you’ll learn from Matt Artz

  • 00:00 Matt Artz and Jason Barnard
  • 00:49 Matt Artz’s Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel
  • 05:44 Done for You Knowledge Panel Service by Kalicube
  • 06:17 Understanding Anthropology
  • 09:03 Different Brand Messages for Segmented Audiences
  • 09:17 Understanding Needs and Delivering Value to Clients
  • 11:33 Content Marketing Using Anthropology
  • 12:12 Matt Artz’s Thoughts on AI-Generated Content
  • 13:03 Anthropology to Create More Semantically Relevant Content
  • 15:30 What Does Data Mean in the Context of Anthropology?
  • 19:07 The Concept of Unknown Unknowns
  • 22:11 Balancing Long-Term Strategy and Short-Term ROI
  • 25:13 Using Anthropology to Understand User Behavior
  • 29:33 How Can Anthropology Help with Branded Search
  • 30:45 Passing the Baton: Matt Artz to Anika Jackson

This episode was recorded live on video April 18th 2023

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