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Sara Moccand-Sayegh talks with Jason Barnard about content creation for all engines.

Sara Moccand-Sayegh is an SEO specialist and works at Liip AG, one of the largest web development agencies in Switzerland. She is also the co-host of SEOnerdSwitzerland, an SEO-specific meetup she launched in 2019. At Liip, she supports all partners and clients in all corners of Switzerland with SEO. The secret of her success, besides the technical skills she has acquired over the years, is the close collaboration with analysts, designers, developers and content experts.

Brands need to create content that effectively communicates their purpose and resonates with their target audience. In this way, brands not only ensure that search engines understand and rank their content correctly, but also provide users with the valuable information they are looking for. Content creators have the superpower to craft messages that bridge the gap between machines and humans, allowing brands to make a lasting impression on both fronts.

In this fantastic episode, Sara Moccand-Sayegh explains various aspects of content creation and its impact on search engines. And together with Jason Barnard, Sara discusses the importance of effectively communicating a brand’s message and building credibility. This episode also looks at the three pillars of the Kalicube process: understanding, credibility and deliverability. Sara also provides a comprehensive insight into the ten phases of The Pedowitz Group Loop and shares her thoughts on AI replacing or supporting humans.

As always, the show ends with passing the baton… Sara delightfully passes the virtual baton to next week’s groovy guest, Kevin Moehlenkamp.

What you’ll learn from Sara Moccand-Sayegh

  • 00:00 Sara Moccand-Sayegh and Jason Barnard
  • 01:39 Kalicube Pro Analysis for Sara Moccand-Sayegh’s Description
  • 02:39 Sara Moccand-Sayegh’s Brand SERP
  • 03:19 Kalicube Support Group
  • 04:43 Search Engines to Chatbots and Content Creation in Digital Marketing
  • 06:17 Understanding the Importance of Quality Content Creation
  • 07:39 Insights into the Kalicube Process
  • 09:37 The Three Pillars of the Kalicube Process
  • 10:07 First Pillar: Understanding
  • 10:37 Second Pillar: Credibility
  • 11:26 Validating Credibility Through Reviews and External Sources
  • 13:02 Third Pillar: Deliverability
  • 13:42 Customer Decision Journey
  • 14:00 Pedowitz Group: The Loop
  • 15:58 Unaware Phase  
  • 16:04 Aware Phase  
  • 16:40 Consideration Phase 
  • 17:10 Evaluation Phase 
  • 17:19 Decision Phase 
  • 17:29 How Effective Content Creation Drives the Consideration, Evaluation, and Decision Stages in Marketing
  • 20:55 Educate the Machines: Who You Are, What You Do and Which Audience You Serve
  • 22:26 Can AI Replace Human Content Creators? 
  • 25:16 The Role of Human Input in the Production of Unique Brand Content
  • 26:10 Onboarding Phase 
  • 27:18 Adoption Phase 
  • 28:34 Value Realisation Phase 
  • 28:52 Loyalty Phase
  • 29:07 Advocacy Phase
  • 33:47 How Does Content Creation for All Engines Help with Branded Search?
  • 34:33 Passing the Baton: Sara Moccand-Sayegh to Kevin Moehlenkamp

This episode was recorded live on video August 8th 2023

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