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Beatrice Gamba talks with Jason Barnard about smashing SEO strategies in the era of AI.

Beatrice Gamba is Head of Agency and SEO Strategist at WordLift. Born and raised in Rome, Beatrice joined the WordLift team in Rome in 2016, first as Project Manager for its side- company InsideOut10, then as Digital Project Manager and now as Head of Agency. She has more than eight years of experience in tech and digital companies. After graduating in Economics, she moved to Berlin where she worked for Zalando and dealt with clients from all over Europe, always ensuring a high-quality service. Beatrice strives every day to create value with innovative, AI-driven digital strategies and to ensure that she achieves the best results with detail-oriented management and the most effective resources.

Companies are increasingly using AI models to improve their SEO strategies, which is seen as the next big thing in SEO. AI is helping organisations tailor their content to how users search online. Using powerful AI tools, they can understand what users are really searching for and analyse this data to make SEO ever more effective. This means a significant shift from focusing on keywords to understanding user intent.

In this brilliant episode, Beatrice Gamba shares her groovy expertise on AI-SEO. She highlights the importance of the internal Knowledge Graph, the shift from keywords to user intent in SEO strategies and the use of conversational question and answer formats for content. Beatrice also explores the use of AI to improve SEO and competition with Generative AI, optimizing for the new SERPs on Google and Bing and the significance of Knowledge Graphs and Structured Data to improve Brand Search results.

As always, the show ends with passing the baton… Beatrice passes the virtual baton to next week’s incredible guest, Callum (Callie) Scott.

What you’ll learn from Beatrice Gamba

  • 00:00 Beatrice Gamba and Jason Barnard
  • 01:10 Beatrice Gamba’s Brand SERP
  • 02:58 How Can SEOs Navigate the Evolution to AI-Optimized Content for Increased Online Visibility?
  • 04:28 How to Optimise Your Content for the New Google and Bing Conversational Search Experience
  • 07:00 What is an Internal Knowledge Graph?
  • 09:34 What are the Three Sections of the SERP? 
  • 09:47 Why is Mastering Knowledge and Recommendations Key for a Successful Generative Experience on SERPs?
  • 10:29 How Can AI, User Intent, and Structured Content Revolutionize SEO Strategies?
  • 12:14 Can the Use of ChatGPT for FAQ Content Pass Google’s Quality Assessment?
  • 13:27 How Can Structured Data and External Links Enhance Your Online Authority and Expertise? 
  • 14:46 Which AI Tools Can Support Your SEO Strategy in the Evolving Digital Landscape?
  • 16:41 How Can AI Improve Your Link Building Strategies?
  • 18:06 Revealing strategies and Tools for Leveraging AI to Build Effective Links
  • 19:31 How Can AI Revolutionize Crawling and Indexing Techniques?
  • 21:34 Can AI Responses Reflect Your Tone of Voice?
  • 22:37 Is It Necessary to Manually Revise Answers from AI Tools?
  • 24:35 How Can Structured Data and Knowledge Graphs Future-Proof Your SEO Strategy?
  • 27:22 How Can AI-SEO Help with Branded Search Strategies?
  • 29:23 Passing the Baton: Beatrice Gamba to Callum (Callie) Scott

This episode was recorded live on video August 22nd 2023

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