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Josh Ramsey talks with Jason Barnard about ClearBrand marketing flywheel.

Josh Ramsey is the business development manager at A digital marketing agency focused on data-driven marketing that gets results: more leads and sales. He believes that without good marketing, businesses die and people suffer, and that ethical, scientific marketing can change the world.

A marketing flywheel is important because it provides a holistic view of the entire Customer Journey, helping marketers understand the motivations and needs of their target audience. By understanding the Customer Journey, marketers can develop an effective marketing strategy that engages customers and drives them to action. The Marketing Flywheel also helps marketers identify opportunities for improvement in their current strategies.

In this groovily insightful episode, Josh Ramsey dives into the powerful concept of the ClearBrand Marketing Flywheel and explains how it helps reduce marketing waste, increase credibility, and ensure your brand is seen. ClearBrand Marketing Flywheel focuses on three key components: Building Memories, Maximizing Availability, and Reaching the Market. He firmly believes in the power of storytelling, design and distinctiveness to engage customers and leave a lasting impression. Along the way, Josh points out the risks to take and the importance of doing research to make sure your brand stands out in the right way. And Josh believes that luck is just a matter of preparation and that marketing should always be based on data.

As always the show ends with passing the baton… Josh cheerfully passes the virtual baton to next week’s awesome guest, Scott Turman.

What you’ll learn from Josh Ramsey

  • 00:00 Josh Ramsey and Jason Barnard
  • 00:53 ClearBrand’s Brand SERP
  • 00:57 Why Does ClearBrand Run Google Ads for Its Own Brand Name
  • 03:43 ClearBrand’s Video Strategy
  • 04:40 Kalicube’s Three Solutions for Your Brand SERP
  • 05:05 Three Essential Components of a Flywheel
  • 05:25 What is a Flywheel?
  • 05:39 First Essential Component of a Flywheel: Build Memories
  • 07:16 Second Essential Component of a Flywheel: Maximising Availability
  • 08:08 Third Essential Component of a Flywheel: Reach The Market
  • 10:30 Two Essential Actions to Achieve Each Component of a Flywheel
  • 10:38 Essential Actions to Build Memories: Story and Design
  • 10:42 How Does a Story Help Engage with Customers
  • 11:20 The Importance of Design to Become a Recognisable and Memorable Brand
  • 12:12 Competitor and Market Research
  • 16:20 Essential Actions to Maximising Availability: Easy to Find and Easy to Buy
  • 16:30 How Do You Make Your Brand Easy to Find
  • 17:01 Reducing Buying Friction
  • 20:20 Essential Actions to Reach The Market: Focus on Users and Uses
  • 30:47 The Need to Listen to the Market
  • 31:31 How Can a Marketing Flywheel Help with Branded Search?
  • 34:01 Passing the Baton: Josh Ramsey to Scott Turman


This episode was recorded live on video February 14th 2023

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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