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Olesia Korobka talks with Jason Barnard about geeky tips for content optimization for 2024 (and beyond!)

Olesia Korobka is an SEO entrepreneur with a background in media advertising. She prefers actionable and practical things that lead to more leads, sales or other measurable results for businesses. She loves technical SEO and likes to test everything. Olesia is the author of several free SEO educational series and a member of the SEO community in Ukraine. She has just started a blog on Fajela and will be adding more content there very soon!

Images are undoubtedly an important part of the digital landscape. A well-optimised image is more than just a pretty picture; it increases website traffic and can improve your search engine ranking. Not only are they visually appealing, but they also tell a story by conveying the message of your content in a clear and compelling way.

In this incredibly brilliant episode, Jason Barnard and Olesia Korobka give great insights into certain aspects such as the importance of the “About Page” and in particular the importance of integrating images on it. Olesia shares her exciting theories and experiments on image optimisation and provides brilliant tips on how to use Google’s Search Generative Experiences to improve your competitive analysis strategy.

As always, the show ends with passing the baton… Olesia passes the virtual baton to next week’s fantastic guest, Jason Davis.

What you’ll learn from Olesia Korobka

  • 00:00 Olesia Korobka and Jason Barnard
  • 02:26 Olesia Korobka’s Brand SERP 
  • 05:48 Why Doesn’t Google Show Brand Website Links in Search Results
  • 06:29 Kalicube’s Search Generative Experience Result
  • 06:51 Importance of About Page Optimization 
  • 07:39 Why Images are Important on the About Page
  • 08:55 Open Graph Optimization to Boost About Page Visibility on Google
  • 10:08 Experimenting with Diverse Video Formats
  • 10:33 How can Google’s Search Generative Experiences Enhance Your Competitor Analysis Strategy?
  • 11:16 Knowledge Panel Cards
  • 11:41 Image Dimensions and Size
  • 14:22 How can Altering Image Sizes and Relevance Improve Image Ranking on Google?
  • 18:01 Is EXIF Metadata in Images Still Relevant for SEO
  • 19:06 IPTC and XMP are Used by Google
  • 20:24 Why Markup is Important
  • 23:59 How Critical is the Consistency Between Schema Content and Page Content for Google?
  • 24:32 Discrepancies in Event Schema and Company Information Errors
  • 26:18 How Does Google Favour Metadata in Marked-Up Pages Over Non-Marked-Up Ones?
  • 27:21 Do HTML5 Tags and Metadata Affect Google’s Attention to Your Content?
  • 31:22 How Does Image Optimization Help with Branded Search
  • 32:10 Passing the Baton: Olesia Korobka to Jason Davis

This episode was recorded live on video July 25th 2023

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