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Purna Virji talks with Jason Barnard about how to align your content and business goals.

Purna Virji is the author of High-Impact Content Marketing and Principal Content Solutions Evangelist at LinkedIn. Prior to joining LinkedIn, she led global learning and thought leadership programmes for Microsoft. Purna has been named to the Young Influentials List by Adweek, Search Personality of the Year at the US Search Awards, and World’s Most Influential Expert by PPC Hero. She is a columnist and a highly regarded international keynote speaker who has been featured in The Drum, TNW, Marketing Land and Adweek. She is an award-winning former journalist, an avid traveller, an aspiring top chef and an avid tennis player in her spare time.

We put all our heart and soul into creating great content, only to find that it doesn’t work? Hmmm… Well, it’s not just about creating beautiful words and delightful images, it’s about channelling that creative energy into achieving business goals. The difference between content that just looks good and content that actually gets results can often be boiled down to how well it aligns with your business goals. This is a crucial factor that transforms your content from a mere presentation into a strategic tool for business growth.

Understanding the intersection between content and business goals is a game-changer for content marketers. In this episode, the lovely Purna Virji shares brilliant tips on how to align content with your business goals. Purna reveals amazing nuggets about the three-step approach to content marketing: identifying and defining your business goals, determining the actions you want your audience to take, establishing relevant metrics and KPIs, and creating content that directly aligns with those goals. 

As always, the show ends with passing the baton… Purna passes the virtual baton to next week’s brilliant and fantastic duo, Tonya Eberhart and Michael Carr.

What you’ll learn from Purna Virji

  • 00:00 Purna Virji and Jason Barnard
  • 02:35 Purna Viriji’s Brand SERP
  • 05:47 What Comes First, Business Goals or Content? 
  • 07:11 What is Backward Design? 
  • 09:00 The Three Steps Approach to Content Marketing
  • 09:04 First Step: Business Goals
  • 11:26 Second Step: Audience Behaviour
  • 14:55 Third Step: Content Goals
  • 15:19 Measuring Content Success
  • 16:59 The Five Stages of Awareness
  • 17:22 Unaware Stage
  • 17:43 Problem Awareness Stage
  • 18:05 Solution Awareness Stage
  • 18:12 Product or Service Awareness Stage
  • 18:59 Most Aware Stage
  • 21:06 Creating Content for Existing Customers
  • 21:27 Harnessing Customer Feedback and Fostering Loyalty for Business Growth
  • 22:47 Creating Content for Bottom of Funnel
  • 23:16 How Important are Community Building and Customer Engagement
  • 24:34 The Importance of Mental Preparation and Acknowledging Positive Feedback in Conversations
  • 27:25 How Does Aligning Your Content with Your Business Goals Help with Branded Search
  • 28:43 Passing the Baton: Purna Virji to Tonya Eberhart and Michael Carr 

This episode was recorded live on video July 11th 2023

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