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Jarno van Driel talks with Jason Barnard about from entity modeling to knowledge graph maintenance.

Jarno van Driel, a structured data consultant from the Netherlands, specialises in using cutting-edge online marketing technologies to give corporate websites a competitive edge. His expertise lies in aligning marketing activities by developing corporate vocabularies based on that can be used across multiple marketing channels. As one of the first dedicated front-end developers in the Netherlands, Jarno recognized the impact of semantics on search while working on website accessibility. This led him to explore search engine optimization (SEO) and eventually become an SEO specialist. In 2008, he discovered the potential of structured data, particularly RDFa, and began incorporating it into his daily work. As his role expanded, Jarno became increasingly involved in structured data, both as a publisher and as a volunteer for Since 2018, he has focused primarily on providing semantic modeling services and guiding organisations into the era of the semantic web. Jarno’s contributions to structured data have been recognized in W3C discussion groups, where he is actively involved in improving common standards and deepening his knowledge of semantic technologies.

The importance of Entity Modeling and the Knowledge Graph in improving your website’s ranking cannot be overstated. As technical SEO professionals, understanding and applying these concepts can make all the difference in the competitive digital landscape. By creating vibrant and engaging content around your identified entities, you not only create an enriching user experience, but also make your website more attractive to search engines. In addition, using structured data increases the machine readability of your content, further optimising it for search. But remember, relevancy is an ongoing process. Updating your information in the Knowledge Graph and routinely monitoring your Knowledge Panel for accuracy and relevance are an essential part of this process.

In this incredible episode, Jarno van Driel shares amazing nuggets about Entity Modeling and the need to maintain Knowledge Graphs. Jarno talks about schema markup, the importance of structured data in web content optimisation, the future of structured data, the differences between a bot, a crawler and algorithms. Jarno also gives great tips on how to build trust through effective responses to negative reviews.

As always, the show ends with passing the baton…Jarno wonderfully passes the virtual baton to next week’s lovely guest, Joyan Chan.

What you’ll learn from Jarno van Driel

  • 00:00 Jarno van Driel and Jason Barnard
  • 00:47 Jarno van Driel’s Brand SERP
  • 01:41 Kalicube Support Group
  • 03:13 What is Entity Modeling?
  • 04:42 The Importance of Structured Data in Web Content Optimisation
  • 06:16 Using Schema Markup
  • 07:25 Building Search Engine’s Confidence with Schema Markup
  • 09:47 What is the Broken Plate Analogy
  • 11:15 What is the Difference Between Bot, Crawler, and Algorithms
  • 12:01 The Future of Structured Data
  • 13:50 Authority and Structured Data
  • 15:13 The Importance of Trustworthiness in SEO
  • 16:51 How to Build Trust Through Effective Responses to Negative Reviews 
  • 18:28 Humans Vs Machines
  • 20:02 Advances in AI: Surpassing Human Capabilities
  • 22:19 Does Entity Modeling Hold the Key to an Ultimate Cheat Code?
  • 23:50 Can Creating a Structured Data Model Lead to More Converting Customers?
  • 25:46 The Diminishing Returns of Schema Markup
  • 27:47 Maximising the Potential of Structured Data
  • 30:47 The Importance of Knowledge Graph Maintenance
  • 32:36 Brand Management and Entity Modeling
  • 33:22 How Entity Modeling Helps with Branded Search
  • 34:33 Passing the Baton: Jarno van Driel to Joyan Chan

This episode was recorded live on video June 13th 2023

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