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Jon Weberg talks with Jason Barnard about how to profitalize your business with omnichannel optimization.

Jon Weberg is an American entrepreneur, top 1% growth consultant and business master. He is a 2-time self-published author, has run 3 different businesses and spoken to audiences around the world, so his wealth of actionable knowledge is impressing the masses. Considered a leading expert on profit, optimisation and scaling, Jon spends his time helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses hyper-profitably and without outside capital – with Profitalize.

Focusing on a single channel to make a business stand out may no longer be enough given the enormous competition in today’s digital age. There is a definite need to be visible and in front of clients, and one way to achieve this is through Omnichannel Optimization.

In this exciting episode, Jon Weberg explains what Omnichannel Optimization is and how it can boost your business. The cherry on top? Jon highlights the importance of consistent follow-up through email marketing and the value of creating personalised and engaging content. Jon gives practical tips on how to leverage the most profitable form of marketing and identifies the areas to focus on for Omnichannel Optimization beyond Google.

As always, the show ends with passing the baton… Jon wonderfully passes the virtual baton to next week’s incredibly delightful guest, David Avrin.

What you’ll learn from Jon Weberg

  • 00:00 Jon Weberg and Jason Barnard
  • 01:54 What is Omnichannel Optimization?
  • 03:03 How Omnipresence in SERPs Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy
  • 04:06 Combining SEO with Retargeting and Consistent Email Engagement
  • 05:02 Profitalize Brand SERP
  • 07:22 Kalicube Support Group
  • 08:49 How AI is Transforming Digital Marketing
  • 10:27 AI and Bots VS Real World Experience and Human Interaction
  • 11:53 What Areas Should You Focus On for Omnichannel Optimization Beyond Google?
  • 12:40 How Regular Follow-Up and Strategic Emailing Can Boost Your Business
  • 13:42 What is the Most Profitable Form of marketing?
  • 14:49 Mastering the Art of Follow-Up Content: Entertaining, Enticing and Educating
  • 15:11 How to Leverage Entertainment, Education, and Enticement in Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy
  • 17:08 Crafting Effective Email Campaigns with Depth, Intensity and Variety
  • 21:13 Building Stronger Connections Through Thoughtful Email Follow-Ups
  • 22:18 How to Optimise Your Services for Better Customer Relations and Higher Conversion Rates?
  • 24:35 How can Humor, Testimonials, and Strategic Copywriting Turn Followers into Buyers?
  • 27:56 Increase Conversions with Multiple Landing Pages: Myth or Must-Have?
  • 29:27 How Catering to Different Mindsets Can Drive Your Sales Up?
  • 32:11 Multi-Angled Communication Approaches to Enhance Omnichannel Optimization
  • 32:45 How Does Branded Search Help with Omnichannel Optimization?
  • 34:06 Passing the Baton: Jon Weberg to David Avrin

This episode was recorded live on video June 27th 2023

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