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Olga Zarr talks with Jason Barnard about technical SEO masterclass (special episode).

Olga is a seasoned technical SEO specialist with an impressive decade of hands-on experience in the field. Throughout her illustrious career, Olga has devoted her efforts primarily to technical SEO and SEO auditing. Olga is passionate about sharing her extensive knowledge and experience and runs a successful SEO consulting website, SEOSLY.

In addition to her work at SEOSLY, Olga plays an important role as the Director of SEO at Market JD, a renowned Chicago firm specialising in SEO for lawyers.

Improving crawlability and indexability is critical to facilitating a website’s journey through the search engine evaluation stages. Implementing strategies such as fine-tuning internal and inbound links, ensuring a cohesive and user-friendly website architecture, and creating content that precisely matches the search intent of queries are all important components in building a website that excels in search engine positioning.

In this special episode, Jason Barnard and the brilliant Olga Zarr go over technical SEO upgrades that can have a significant impact on a website’s performance, including small improvements like optimising page titles and internal linking. By implementing these strategies, website owners have a better chance of being discovered, crawled, indexed and ranked higher by search engines, ultimately leading to more traffic and visibility online. Olga provides insightful nuggets on how Bingbot or Google Bot discovers, selects, crawls, renders and indexes pages. She provides expert tips and tricks on how to improve under-indexed pages, boost your SEO game with AI-generated content, better understand “Goose Egg SEO” and much more.

What you’ll learn from Olga Zarr

  • 00:00 Olga Zarr and Jason Barnard
  • 01:57 Five Stages of the Web Crawling and Indexing Process
  • 02:27 Discover: How Easy is the Page to Discover?
  • 02:47 Select: Does Bingbot or Google Bot Select the Page? 
  • 04:25 Crawl: How Easy is the Page to Crawl? 
  • 05:15 Render: Can the Pages be Rendered?
  • 07:16 Index: How to Make it Easy to Annotate with Confidence?
  • 10:06 Understanding the Difference: Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking
  • 11:20 Expert Tips for Improving Crawled But Not Indexed Pages for Better Visibility
  • 12:49 How Can AI-Generated Content Level Up Your SEO Game and Automate Success?
  • 15:36 Is It Enough ( A Good Idea) to Block a Site in robots.txt to Prevent Its Indexation?
  • 17:04 Does the Noindex Tag Always Work? And How to Make Sure that Google Doesn’t Index a Site
  • 21:03 How to Compare and Check the Rendered HTML Vs the Source Code
  • 23:55 How Important are Sitemaps?
  • 26:15 Unravelling the Truth Behind GSC and SEMrush Error Reports
  • 28:17 Decoding Core Web Vitals: Do Faster Websites Equal Better Rankings?
  • 31:00 What is Goose Egg SEO?
  • 32:46 How Can Small Technical Fixes Change Websites?
  • 37:12 Does Schema Markup Truly Elevate Your SERP Success?
  • 41:05 How to Leverage the Use of Canonical Tags to Improve Your SEO
  • 43:01 How to Deal with Duplicate Content to Get Better Search Results
  • 45:45 Mastering Internal Linking: Manual vs. Automated Strategies
  • 48:49 Strategies to Improve the Crawlability and Indexability of Your Website?
  • 53:55 How to Manage Website Migrations Without Losing Organic Traffic or Causing SEO Issues?
  • 57:06 How Does Google Treat 302 Redirects Compared to 301 Redirects?
  • 59:19 How Does Google Treat Subdomains and Subdirectories, and What Impact Do They Have on SEO?

This episode was recorded live on video June 27th 2023

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